Welcome to the all new Athletic Union

After many promises the site is finally built and can do everything as promised plus a lot more!

The Site will be regularly updated with news, upcoming events and information for players, captains and spectators alike. Although I’m sure all aspects of the site will interest you, some of the main parts are detailed a bit further below.


All of the AU’s Clubs are listed on the clubs section along with a load of information about what the club does, when it does it, and how much it costs to join up. There is also a handy contacts section so, should you have any further questions, you can get in touch with those in the know.

Each club has access to edit their own pages and update them with their own news and events. To order flowers for this, you will have to come up to the AU office – it will only take a minute. It is a great opportunity for clubs to be able to contact all of their members, and for members to know exactly what is going on and when.


The news section will deliver all of the AU’s news to you.

As well as featuring the major AU stories, it will also present clubs the opportunity to spread the word of their news and successes to a wider audience. All clubs can have their stories and photos publicised on the website. All you have to do is mail them to the president.

Whats On

This section will let you know exactly what events the AU is holding. Look out for news on Sportsnight, Varsity, AU awards dinner and other AU run events.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is an opportunity for you to download photos from the AU. Sections already up include Varsity, sportsnight, action shots and the AU awards dinner. There is also a section for this years AU calendar!

Information for students

If you want to adjust or continually renew your page, come up to the AU office to register your login details and we will show you how to use the site manager.