Management Meetings are held every month to discuss all of the Athletic Union Business and to vote on important issues.

The membership of the meeting consists of two representatives from each of the AU’s clubs, any representatives from probabtionary clubs, any invited guests, the elected AU Executive and the President.

Upcoming Management Meeting details can be found in the ‘What’s On’ section of this website.


Finance meetings are held monthly to discuss requests from club for equipment and funding.

The Finance meetings at the beginning and end of the year are the most important. The first finance meeting of the year meets to discuss Travel estimates. Each club must submit their estimate for transport for the year. Failure to do so means club cant commence trips and fixtures until the following finance meeting. The final meeting of the year discusses all equipment estimates for the following season. Failure to hand in an equipment estimate for the discussion of the committee means equipment might arrive later in the season.

Membership of the Finance Committee consists of the President, General Manager and the AU Executive.

Upcoming Finance Meeting details can be found in the ‘What’s On’ section of this website.


This Annual meeting is used to ratify the decisions made by the committee through the year.

Its membership consists of four members from each elected club (two from the year previous and two from the year to come), the AU Exec (for both past and following years) and the President (from both years).

Only the AGM has the power to make constitutional changes. A copy of the Constitution can be found in the AU office.

The Annual General Meeting details can be found in the ‘What’s On’ section of this website.


These are held when and if they are required. They are called at the Presidents discretion but usually for matters that affect the well being of the AU.

The perpetrating club or person is asked to present their explanation of the events before the President, the General Manager and the two Discipline Representatives.