Freshers Fayre

The Freshers Fayre is an opportunity to speak to club organisers about what clubs do and how they operate. Each club will have a stall which will be manned by current members and committee. It is your opportunity to ask them questions and sign up to as many different clubs as you wish.

The Fayre will be taking place in a massive marquee on Fulton House Lawn on Wednesday and Thursday of Freshers Week.

Make sure you come along as this is a unique opportunity to speak to all clubs and find out exactly what they do and how the club operates. Its a chance to work out whether you would actually enjoy the clubs activities before turning up.

You will also be able to get details of team trials at the fayre and important info about training times, fixtures and stash.

AU/SPF Cards

Sports Participation Fee (SPF) cards are the cards you have to purchase to become a member of the Athletic Union. You will be asked to fill in a form and will also need two passport photos and £5. Once you have picked up your card you need to register your AU membership on this site and activate your account. You can register and activate your account here

The SPF cards play a vital role in all participation of sport within the Athletic Union and also in the use of A.U. facilities including transport.

WITHOUT you SPF card you are:-
• Unable to join individual sports clubs
• Not covered by personal accident insurance
• Not insured to compete for the University
• Not insured to travel on A.U. transport

WITH your SPF card you are entitled to:-
• Claim back expenses (with VAT receipt)
• Claim personal accident insurance if required
• Subsidised physiotherapy

You do not require an SPF Card for casual use of the Sports Centre Gym or recreational facilities although without a card you are not entitled to the above medical cover.

You must carry your SPF card with you at all times when participation in Swansea University Athletic Union Sport and recreation. Make sure you activate your account by registering on this website or your AU membership application is not complete.

Joining Clubs

After you have your AU card joining clubs is easy.

The easiest way is to pick up an AU card in Freshers Fayre and then sign up with clubs straight away. All clubs are represented in the Fayre and will be able to sign up members to their club.

If you miss Freshers Fayre, the best course of action is to contact the captain (from their details on the club page) and meet up with them at training or a trip. So long as you have your AU card you should be able to join immediately.