In 2004 the AU’s strategic plan was completed which detailed, amongst other things, the development of six “focus sports”. By focusing staff time, energy and substantial funds into these sports Swansea University hope to be competitive with the very best institutions in the UK.

The initial Focus Sports were identifed through a host of criteria including historical success, facilities available to teams to train and compete, associated Governing Body location and locations of competing centers of excellence.

The AU will continue to support other clubs, sports teams and elite athletes in the BUSA and local leagues. The focus sports will receive additional benefits including specific workshops aimed at holistic athlete development, sports support and quality coaching opportunities. Players are offered high-level coaching and access to national competitions, as well as sports injury support, fitness testing and fitness programme support. These sports should be targeting points in BUSA championships.

Initially six focus sports have received focus sport status. These sports are:
• Men’s Soccer 1st Team
• Men’s Rugby Union 1st Team
• Swimming Team
• Men’s Hockey 1st Team
• Ladies Hockey 1st Team
• Surf Team
• Triathlon Team

The Strategic Plan details how for the first three years the Athletic Union will directly fund the additional finances required for Focus Sports. At the end of this probabtionary period there will hopefully be enough success to provide the University evidence of the worth of an enhanced level of support and they will contribute to the funding of this level.

Further focus sports will then be phased in after three years at a rate of one additional focus sport a year. Different factors such as success, size of club, any National Governing Body activity within facilities and provisions available whilst consideration paid to the Universities strategy and the Sport Swansea Committee will be assessed when deciding on additional Focus Sports.