Your Athletic Union

The Athletic Union is run by its members and so it is basically yours! Members make decisions and members choose what they want. All money generated for the Athletic Union is pumped directly back into student sport.


The AU is staffed by an annually elected Athletic Union President, A part time Sports Administrator and a full time permanent General Manager.

The President deals with the clubs and is your sporting representative. They are accountable to the Management committee for their actions and are guided in their day to work by the committee. The President organises and coordinates all BUSA fixtures and is also on hand to help with club problems. AU elections take place in February and are voted in by te students of the University.

The Sports Administrator assists with the day to day admin in the athletic Union. They are on hand to help the President, Manager and exec with any work that needs attention.

The General Manager, Richard Lancaster provides continuity and strategic direction for the Athletic Union. Mr Lancaster also maintains all financial aspects of the Union under the direction of the finance committee and works with the long term objectives of the AU.

The AU also has an annually elected Executive Committee of volunteers who have different roles in the smooth running of the Union.

AU Meetings

The AU is then run through a series of committees. The Management Committee has overall say about the decisions made by the Athletic Union. This consists of two members from each club who attend the monthly meetings to discuss the activities of the AU. Below them sit the finance committee which have been elected to make the informed financial decisions of the AU. All requests for budgets, travel and equipment must be made to the Finance committee. There is also a disciplinary committee which deals with any issues facing the Athletic Union.

Club Captain Help & Info

This site provides Captains with information and help to run their clubs. All forms required are available here, information on rules and regulations as well as contact information and dates for their next meeting.

Contact Us

Contact details for the AU President and AU General Manager should you need to contact them


Just because you have finished you study doesnt mean you relationship with Swansea and its University has to end. The Alumni section gives details of how you can keep involved with your old University.

This site

An explanation of whats available on this site and how to get to it.

Joining Up

Details about why you need to join the AU, the benefits of doing so and actually how to do it.

President’s Page

An outlet for the creative writing of the head honcho! To see whats going on and whats important to the President at the moment take a peep.